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Great content

Just started listening and have enjoyed the podcasts so far. Great to hear reviews about new gear being released and to learn from other videographers/filmmakers

A great Podcast to learn from

I've been listening to this podcast for a few months now. Ariel knows what he is talking about and does a great job interviewing guests. His positivity makes it easy to listen to. I always look forward to the next episode. It is both inspiring and thought provoking. Please keep up the great work!

Compelling and encouraging

This podcast is full of great nuggets of knowledge. It’s also really cool to hear how some of my favorite filmmakers struggle with similar mental barriers, and how they push past them. This has very quickly become one of my favorite podcasts!

Listen & Learn

I’ve been listening to this podcast for about 2 years may be longer, every time I listen Ariel & his guests drop learning gems!!! Keep up the good work, you motivate me. P.S. I love that you’re not ashamed to say that your a believer of Jesus, God will bless you even more.

Great tips on filmmaking

This is a great podcast! Ariel has definitely done a great job of getting those golden nuggets in video production while making it fun and entertaining to listen to.

If you’re making your own films, you need to listen

Recommend for everyone making their own films, especially if you’re in charge of equipment.


Please keep pushing out content! Love listening this on my commute.

Keep on talking!

Glad I found this podcast! It is conversational, instructional and informal which works!

Best podcast!!!

Appreciate all the info given in the podcast. Keep doing an amazing work!!!

Definitely Worth A Listen

Ariel’s a stand up dude with tons of knowledge and skill in the video production industry. Getting into video production can be pretty daunting, and podcasts like this help a ton. If you’re on the fence, pick an episode that interests you and take a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Love the show

Love the show bro. I’m stoked your on the Panasonic family!!


Ariel makes such great content!! I'm picky about what podcasts I listen too, but this is a must have! So many topics and information for any filmmaker of any level! THANK YOU!!

Best tips and tricks around

Ariel is a brilliant filmmaker I follow religiously on Instagram and his tips and tricks have always helped me become a better creative. This podcast is no exception.


Very informative!

Learning made easy!

I'm learning so much from this! It's great getting the knowledge about filmmaking and other helpful items as well! I started as a lighting designer and decided to put my foot in the door for video and this podcast has helped me tremendously!

I appreciate this podcast

This podcast is MUCH better with the other host, making it more of a conversation. it was hard for me to stay engaged when it was Arial by himself. A lot of uh's, um's, and long pauses. Two people helps with the flow. It's nice to have podcasts a little bit strutured even if most of the content is off-the-cuff dialogue. I would edit out those times when they're just trying to find gear information on the internet. But overall, I like listening to the conversation, stories, mistakes, and tips. Keep it going!

Really liking this podcast!

I really enjoy listening to this podcast during my commute to work. It's very useful and I've learned so much!

Awesome! Super Detailed and helpful

This is an awesome tool!! Very informative!! This podcast presents information in a way that even a beginner like me can grasp. Please keep up the nice work. It is greatly appreciated!!

Great news and analysis for camera peeps

Great in depth analysis of modern filming making issues and current trends in the camera and film industry. I particularly like Ariels approach. Thanks for the news and keep those podcasts coming!

Passionate and insightful

Ariel is such a cool dude who shows us how much he loves his job and everything surrounding him in the film world. This is a great resource for up and coming filmmakers!


Love this podcast. Keeps things simple!

High quality podcast

Authentic, insightful, enjoyable, these are just 3 of the infinite amount of positive adjectives that describe this show. This show is for amateurs, pros, and everything in between. If you listen to any of these shows you will truly gain more knowledge of how to produce high quality footage.

Great podcast for film makers in general this guy is really down to earth

I love when you see Ariel being authentic and bringing on guests. Really shows you the need for grit in an environment where grit can get you somewhere.


This guy goes very deep into Top Quality footage for All Stages beginner/intermediate/PRO THANK YOU SO MUCH🔥

Straightfoward and Insightful

Really digging this podcast. Its a very straightforward and insightful look into the how to's, tips and tricks of an everyday filmmaker in the industry. Looking forward to more.